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Your CMS GuppY 6.0

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Your CMS GuppY 6.0

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Your CMS GuppY 6.0


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Join us?

We enjoy your support

All members of the GuppY Team are volunteers; they are involved in development, follwing-up, updates of the sites on their spare time and nights according to their possibilities.We thank you very much to keep this in mind when posting your comments..

If you like GuppY and you wish to help us promote and develop it, you are very welcome.

If you like GuppY, you can indeed do a lot and distribute skins, plugins, forks and contribute to promoting GuppY by referencing it on specialised sites and directories.

You've been participating in the project for a while, and wish to get involved further, then please contact us! You application will be put to the vote of the Team, and the majority will decide your coming in or not.

Here are a few ideas to improve it and for which your help will be more than welcome (there are improvements for all kinds of good willing people):

  • French / English translators for helping us to have the biligual content of the GuppY official website live, translators for all languages.
  • Debugging, source code improvement, new functionalities, any idea you might have

If you would like to gert involved but not in the depths of the software?

The freeGuppY association keeps looking for members and volunteers to  take on all the tasks linked with GuppY, or plainly take a subscription or make a donation to the association. Any amount will be very much appreciated; it's the gesture that counts.


Subscription :


  • 15€ for private

  • 30€ for associations

  • 45€ for professionals

To donate, you just have to fill in an amount (the one given by default is a suggestion, we had to put one positive number there!) next to the PayPal button of your selected currency), and then click on this button (secured transaction):

please fill in the form below :Subscription form

To contact freeGuppY association, simply go to the following address:


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